There was only one reason I came here — crab cakes! This was stop number two in my mini crab cake adventure in B’more. The previous night I stopped by G&M in Linthicum and wasn’t overly impressed. This stop, however, was every bit as good as advertised. I really wasn’t all that hungry for lunch, so I went with one jumbo lump crab cake (about 6 oz.). No sides. While it may not have been the largest crab cake I’ve had, it was definitely one of the best ever. Filled with large chunks of crab, seasoned with old bay, and deep fried, this crab cake was crispy on the outside, tender and succulent on the inside and 100% delicious. When you order at the counter they’ll ask you if you want tartar sauce. There’s no need. The crab cake is so perfectly seasoned that it can stand on it’s own.

I’ve heard others say that the location and atmosphere aren’t the greatest, but I have to disagree. No, it isn’t the nicest or cleanest part of town, but that just adds to the authenticity and “mom-n-pop” feel of the place. The fact that it’s located in a busy (albeit touristy) market with plenty of other seafood options adds to the charm of this establishment. You order at the counter (cafeteria style), pay, and eat standing up at one of the long communal tables. If you order a fountain drink, like I did, the old grumpy-looking guy filling the drink orders will ask you in an abrasive and almost condescending tone, “Do you need a sissy stick with your drink?”

To which I responded confidently, “No, I think I’m man enough to drink my lemonade without a straw. Thanks.”

They don’t call Baltimore “Charm City” for nothing. For a great crab cake, this place is a must.

5 Stars

200 North Paca Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 727-4898