I was in Baltimore for the weekend, so of course I had to get some crab cakes. After a little research I narrowed it down to two stops: G&M and Faidley’s. I stopped by G&M first, for dinner. It’s a fairly ordinary looking building with plenty of parking. The entrance to the lounge faces the parking lot, while the entrance to the main dining room was on the other side of the building. The interior is nicely decorated and has a classic, up-scale, white linen vibe for the dining room. The lounge is more casual with it’s long bar and TVs scattered around the room.

While the atmosphere was a little more high-brow than what I was expecting, make no mistake there was only one thing that mattered during my visit — their infamous crab cake. I ordered a single jumbo lump crab cake platter with fries, cole slaw, and a side salad. Sure, all that other stuff was meaningless filler, but for the record the fries were very good. Light and crispy on the outside and well seasoned. The cole slaw was nothing special and the salad wasn’t any better than what you could get at a lower-end chain restaurant.

As for the crab cake… it was large (approx. 9 oz.). One was definitely enough. It was a large mound of jumbo lump crab with a hint of sweetness, but could have used more seasoning (a bit of old bay or something). There was very little filler and I have no idea what they used to bind the meat, but there was a slightly eggy taste. It was a good crab cake but not the mind-blowing, momma-slapping, curse-inducing ecstasy I hoped for. And, certainly not as good as the crab cake I would experience the next day (at Faidley’s).

3 Stars

804 N Hammonds Ferry Road
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
(410) 636-1777