With all of their hype from their appearance on “Man vs. Food”, Hash House A Go Go is always busy during peak dining hours, especially breakfast. Because of that I’ve always tried to avoid eating there. I finally gave in the other day and stopped by for dinner, even though they’re not know for their post-breakfast foods.

We got there early and were seated right away, unfortunately at the crappiest table they had — the table closest to the entrance and in a high-traffic area. We even asked the hostess if we could have a booth but she said she had to seat us at a table. Continuing with the bad service, our waiter decided not to show up at our table for a good ten minutes. Another fifteen minutes later we finally got some water, which prompted my wife to pull the hostess aside and politely ask her to move us or give us better service.

After that, the service wasn’t bad. Too bad we couldn’t say the same about the food. Sure, the huge biscuits coated in honey were good, but the other two items we tried needed a lot of work. The crab cake chowder had a decent crab cake placed in the soup bowl — not jumbo lump crab, just the shredded meat parts. The chowder was devoid of potatoes, had very little corn and was so thick that it was more pudding than soup.

The roasted butternut squash with mushroom risotto was some of the most bland, unappealing risotto I’ve ever had and the flavor of the dish was completely over-powered by a heaping mound of sundried tomatoes. The lightly battered shrimp that was in the dish was decent and the asparagus may have been the best tasting thing on the plate.

The presentation of the food is much more impressive than the taste. Clearly, in the case of the items I tried, it was quantity over quality. The amount of food is absurd and one appetizer and one entree could have been enough to feed four.

Despite mediocre service and subpar food, the worst thing about HHAGG was the bathroom. It was about as dirty as a frat house on a Sunday morning — trash and toilet paper all over the floor, floors that looked flooded from a backed-uped toilet, and the parts of the floor that weren’t flooded were sticky like a movie theater floor.

Hash House might be worth the wait for breakfast, but I would pass on dinner.

2 Stars

6800 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 804-4646

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