I was overdue for a taco fix, so when I was on the east side of town I decided to hit this place up. It’s a tiny shop in an older strip mall. Inside there were probably about 10 or so tables and the place definitely has a “hole-in-the-wall” feel to it. When I ordered, I did so in English and the lady behind the counter looked a bit puzzled — probably wondering what this gringo was doing in here. She wanted me to repeat my order so I obliged in my mix of English and broken Spanish (my high school Spanish teacher would have been proud!). It only took a few minutes before my order was up.

The food was more “meh” than “a-ok” so I’ll have to give them 2 stars. The two carne asada tacos I got had plenty of meat, however it wasn’t very tender and unlike other taquerias they don’t double up the tortillas. Yup, a single tortilla for each taco and each one was dry. The al pastor taco had a weird flavor to it that I couldn’t pinpoint — like a smokey, earthy taste to it. It wasn’t my favorite.

Tacos come in a small size ($1.15 ea.) or a regular size ($1.75). After eating three tacos I was still hungry.

They also have a drive-thru. Although I was in and out before the car at the drive-thru got their order. So you might be better off going inside to get your grub.

2 Stars

2635 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 450-2444