Christmas day and my wife and I didn’t want to make dinner. Our requirements for eating out: 1) no buffets and 2) it had to have a kid menu. After calling around and finding out that many “good” restaurants weren’t kid-friendly we ended up making reservations at the Chart House, located in the Golden Nugget.

Walking into the lobby of the  hotel it was easy to spot the restaurant. Just look for the large aquarium behind the registration desk. The entrance to the Chart House is a small set of steps to the right of registration. There really isn’t a hostess stand so if there’s no one to greet you chances are you’ll wander around the lounge trying to figure out where to check in. My first impression of the restaurant was that I thought it was going to be bigger. Sure, the aquarium looks cool, but I pictured something bigger with a much larger dining room surrounding it. The reality is that the room feels cramped and poorly laid out.

As far as the food, many of the seafood dishes were the weakest ones we tried. Isn’t seafood supposed to be their specialty?

– East meets west tuna: a duo of tuna tartare with a wasabi sauce and plantain chips and seared tuna with sliced avocado and cole slaw. It wasn’t bad, but the slightly mushy texture made me think it wasn’t the freshest fish around.
– Menage Soup: three small cups of gazpacho, lobster bisque and clam chowder. All were good with the lobster bisque being the best of the three.

– New wave surf and turf: short ribs with a cabernet demi-glaze and seared scallops in a ginger soy sauce. The short ribs were fork tender and delicious but the three tiny scallops were gritty.
– Alaskan king crabs: 1.5 lbs of steamed crab legs. My wife didn’t like the taste at all. I didn’t think they were that bad, but the quality definitely seemed to be comparable to crab legs at a buffet.
– grilled chicken breast and fries. This was my kid’s order. He was hoping for chicken tenders but had to settle for this, which turned out to be over cooked and dry. But he enjoyed the fries.

Our server was good. He was a slightly older guy who was friendly, very attentive, and even made all of us feel welcome even though we were the only ones with a kid in the restaurant.

I thought the place was a-ok. My wife, on the other hand, was extremely disappointed and couldn’t wait to get out. Although her opinion may have been influenced by the fact that she used to work at a Chart House back east. I always liked the chain. They’re not the fanciest places and don’t have Michelin quality food, but for a chain you could do a lot worse.

3 Stars

129 E. Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 386-8364

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