Surprisingly good. Like my visit to Twin Creeks at the Silverton a couple weeks ago, T-Bones is a steakhouse I never thought much about, but was glad I tried. The look of the place is impressive. It’s got an upscale, modern feel with some comfy looking booths and a large fireplace in the center of the dining area.

To start, we got the crab cakes ($18). The waiter said the crabs were from the Philippines. “I’ve never had Filipino crabs before,” I replied. My wife snickered and said, “I hope not.” The humor was lost on our waiter.

The order came with two sizeable crab cakes. They had little filler and large chunks of crab meat. Although the crab meat looked darker than your typical Maryland crab meat and wasn’t as sweet.

Next up was an order of the Tbones Steakhouse salad ($12). It was a large serving that they split for us at the table. It was one of the better salads I’ve had in a while, with it’s chopped lettuce, tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing and chunks of bacon. You can never go wrong with bacon.

For our entree we split the 12 oz. filet ($48). Again, they split it for us tableside. It was a delicious cut of beef that was lightly seasoned. At other places (like Cut or Delmonico) they season their steaks so much that the flavor is like getting a swift hard kick in the ass. That can be a god thing if you like bold flavors (I do). Here, the flavor is like a gentle tapping on the shoulder to get your attention.

The waiter brought out complimentary sauces for the steak — bleu cheese and a bearnaise. I didn’t care much for the bearnaise, but the bleu cheese had a sharp and tangy flavor to it that went well with the beef. I don’t normally like sauces with my steak, but this was a nice change of pace.

We also ordered two sides — the garlic mashed potatoes ($10) and the royal trumpet mushrooms ($12). Each was a substantial amount, good enough for a party of four to share. The mashed potatoes were decent but forgettable. The mushrooms were served in a sauce that had the consistency of gray. It smelled amazing and tasted pretty good.

Their dessert menu looked good but we didn’t have any room left to eat more. We even had plenty of leftovers to take home.

The service was solid throughout the night. Our main waiter seemed very busy with all of his other tables, but there were other waiters who stopped by to check in and take additional drink orders.

With drinks, our bill (before tip) came out to $153.50. Not a cheap meal, but cheaper than many options on the strip and the quality was very good. It’s definitely worth a return visit.

4 Stars

Red Rock Casino
11011 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 797-7576

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