I don’t mind playing the role of tourist every once in a while and heading down to the strip. After visiting M&M World and the World of Coca-cola, my wife, kid, and I stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It’s an impressive looking place. Three stories. The first is the store, second is the restaurant, and third is the concert area.

The last time I ate at a Hard Rock Cafe was probably the late ’90s (in Cancun). I wasn’t impressed back then with the food and I wasn’t expecting much this time around either. But, it was actually better than I had hoped.

The wife got a burger that wasn’t on the menu. A beef patty topped with a portobello mushroom and haystack onions, along with some other stuff. Also came with a side salad. She liked it and it was enough food for two people.

I got the BBQ bacon cheeseburger (topped with caramelized onions, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese). It was juicy and tasty and the BBQ sauce had a sweet, smokey flavor to it. Not bad at all. I also had a margarita with pomegranate and some other fruity flavors (don’t judge me… sure I occasionally drink fruity cocktails. I don’t care what others think.) that was pretty good.

Our son got the chicken tenders. Three to an order with a large heap of fries.

Our server was friendly and stopped by often to check on us. But wasn’t overly intrusive. He even brought out a complimentary sundae for our kid after he found out it was his birthday.

There’s a huge interactive wall just past the hostess stand and there’s also a touchscreen at each booth with info about memorabilia, merchandise in their store, and a voting system for the next song that’s played in the restaurant. It’s a great idea, but the interface is clunky. Anyone who’s ever used an iphone or android will probably find it to be a little primitive. Also, there was a huge disconnect between the song that the screen indicated was playing and the music that was piped through the sound system. I don’t think it listed the correct song the whole time we were there.

Overall, this is a place that will attract only tourists looking for a relatively cheap, predictable meal (at least for the second floor dining area). The food was 3-star worthy, but I’m tossing in an extra star because of the good service.

4 Stars

3771 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-7625

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