Young kids and M&M addicts will love this place. It’s four stories of every conceivable type of M&M merchandise, flavor, and color. There’s a huge self-serve dispenser along one wall filled with every color for $12.99 per pound (yeah, that’s a huge markup and you’ll be better off buying a five pound bag from Costco). I was thrilled to see coconut M&M’s! I’m a sucker for anything with coconut and had to buy a couple bags for myself.

There’s a free 3D movie on the third floor, but it was closed when we stopped by.

I was hoping for some interactive displays or some sort of museum section detailing the history of the candy, but no such luck. It’s just one massive store. But, my kid loved picking out his own M&M colors to buy. If you have kids or love M&M’s yourself, I’d recommend this place. It’s a good way to kill half an hour or so.

If you’re planning on driving here, there’s a parking garage for the Showcase Mall with an entrance off of LV Blvd (right by Smith & Wollensky). Parking is $3 and there’s a walkway into the mall from the garage on level 5.

3 Stars

3785 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 736-7611