Pretty good burgers at cheap prices. Sure, they’re more expensive than fast food places like McDonald’s and Carls Jr, but the quality is light years ahead of that kind of crap. We got the 1/3 lb. Classic Smashburger ($4.99), the 1/3 lb. BBQ, Bacon & Cheese Smashburger ($5.99), Smashfries ($1.99), and a Chicken strips kids meal ($3.99).

Both burgers were delicious and used fresh ingredients. I love the egg buns… really good texture. The smash sauce on the classic was tasty… like a mix of mustard and mayo. The fries were an oily, soggy mess. My kid was happy with his two chicken strips and heaping mound of fries.

Service was good. The guy at the register was really friendly and happy… which was a nice change of pace from your typical fast food or chain restaurant employee who hates his job and acts like you’re an inconvenience. It didn’t take long (maybe 12 minutes) for the food to come out.

It’s a good family restaurant and a good alternative when you don’t want fast food but don’t want a full blown sit-down meal with waiters that’ll take hours.

4 Stars

9101 W Sahara
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 462-5500

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