Two stories of coke merchandise plus they have a “Taste of the World” sampler featuring different coke products from around the world. There’s plenty of cool stuff for that coca-cola lover you might know.

The best thing about this store is walking in and seeing the Coca-cola polar bear standing there and saying hi. I”m not envious of that job at all — getting stuck inside a big, heavy and hot bear suit all day long. But, whoever is in there did a great job of interacting with customers and being playful with the kids. You can pose with him and take pics with your own camera and get pics taken by their staff. On the second floor you can buy prints of the photo(s) starting at $20 for one. They also sell sets of 6 or so photos for $40. Definitely not cheap, but what else would you expect from a tourist trap.

3 Stars

3785 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 270-5952