Where else can you dine under the watchful gaze of Mao Zedong? It’s ironic that his image is used in a restaurant since under his… um… leadership… millions starved due to his wackadoodle policies. And, let’s not even mention the whole torture and death thing.

But, I digress. My wife and I stopped by China (pronounced “chee na”) Poblano after already eating dinner a couple hours earlier. So we only got 2 things. Now, on to the food…

Langosta tacos ($16) – lobster, salsa Mexicana, arbol chile sauce. 2 per order. The lobster was a little tough and the tortilla was too small compared to the amount of filling. The tortilla was also too fragile — it tore apart as I picked it up to take a bite. They should have doubled up the tortillas for each taco like typical street tacos.

Coctel de camarones ($12) – fresh shrimp, jumbo lump crab meat, tomato, avocado. It’s basically a soup bowl of salsa with a few shrimp and bits of crab meat and avocado thrown in. It’s served cold, which I wasn’t expecting. If you like fishing out your food from a bowl of salsa, this is the dish for you. I wasn’t a fan.

Singapore sling ($11). A delicious cocktail made of gin, brandy, pineapple juice and some other stuff. It goes down a little too easy.

The bottle of coke that my wife ordered was cool. It’s hard to screw up Coke.

I really want to like this place. I love the concept and I’m a big fan of José Andrés. I’ll gladly go back to try other dishes because there are many items that sound delicious. I just hope my next meal won’t be as torturous. haha… get it? Mao… torture…

3 Stars

The Cosmopolitan
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 651-2432

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