This place is easy to overlook. It’s tucked away in a corner of a small strip mall off of Durango and if you’re driving by it’s easy to miss their sign. I’ve never seen an ad for Burritos Juarez, so marketing isn’t helping to bring bodies in. It’s a shame because judging from my two visits, this is one place worth a stop if you’re in the area.

The dining area is small but clean and there are large photos of Juarez, Mexico decorating the space. Like other small taquerias, you order at the counter and they’ll call your number when your food is ready.

The carne asada taco ($2.75) was very good. The beef was juicy and tender, a nice change of pace from the rubbery meat served at so many other places. Each taco is served with 2 corn tortillas and filled with beans, onions and cilantro. Other stuff like guacamole and sour cream is extra. The only complaint is that the tortillas were limp and a little soggy. It makes me miss how Taqueria Los Parados used to crisp up their tortillas with a little cheese on the griddle. The carnitas taco ($2.75) was decent but could have used a lot more seasoning.

Their churro ($1.50) was pretty good but a little too firm.

The chicken mole burrito ($4) wasn’t as big as other burritos around town, but at 4 bucks a piece, it’s a good value. The mole has some decent depth in flavor. Burritos are filled with beans and your choice of meat. Anything else will cost you extra. If you’re really hungry get two.

The guy behind the counter, who also did some of the cooking, seems like a genuinely nice guy. And, if you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry. Gringos are welcome. I’m not sure if I’d drive across town to come here, but if you want quick and reasonably priced Mexican food in Spring Valley, stop by.

4 Stars

3655 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 242-0055