Kai Sushi is located in an empty strip mall off of Durango. It was tough to spot at night because the sign wasn’t lit up and the place looked dark from the outside.

When we walked in it was completely empty, except for one waitress and a sushi chef. I went with the all you can eat option ($26 I think) and my wife ordered some stuff a la carte. Here’s what we got:

– Edamame
– Garlic tuna sashimi – good and fresh. We got two orders, the cuts of fish in the second order were a lot bigger than the first order. A little consistency would be nice.
– Hamachi sashimi w/ jalapeños and ponzu – delicious
– Garlic tuna roll – yellowtail and avocado were on the inside and the garlic tuna was on top. The roll was soaked in sauce, making the rice mushy. meh…
– Garlic tuna sushi – soaked in sauce. Again, mushy rice…ugh.
– Dragon roll – the eel was delicious.
– Hamachi sushi – two large slices of yellowtail. Rice was firm and sticky, no sauce. Perfect.
– Albacore sushi – the fish was delicious but again a little too much sauce for me.
– Crab – imitation crab. Not my favorite.

Decent food. There’s some stuff I’d order again, others that I wouldn’t. I might be back since I live close by.

Despite the place being empty the service was on the slow side. I’d hate to see this place when it’s busy.

3 Stars

4246 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 251-1520

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