You’d be hard pressed to find a better off the strip restaurant than Rosemary’s. Despite its strip mall location, it’s one of the best spots in the suburbs to have a sophisticated and elegant meal. When my wife and I moved to Las Vegas a few years ago some friends brought us here for our first “nice” meal in town. We were blown away back then and on our return visit a couple days ago we were still impressed.

There wasn’t a single disappointing dish. They started us off with two rolls each. The potato roll was good, but the sweet white chocolate pecan roll was delicious, with a texture like a sticky, chewy cinnamon roll.

Shortly after dropping off the rolls the waiter returned with an amuse bouche of goat cheese quiche with bacon. It’s salty and tart flavor was a bold way to start the meal.

I opted for the $55 prix fixe option — ordering two apps and an entree. My wife ordered a la carte, getting one app and entree. It’s great that Rosemary’s allows customers to either order two apps and an entree or an app, entree and dessert as part of the prix fixe. That kind of flexibility is nice for people who want to skip dessert.

Panko crusted crab boulettes w/ g-ma’s sweet & sour cucumbers and emulsified ravigote sauce. The cucumbers were the star of the dish with its combination of sweetness and acidity. The sauce was tangy and added good flavors to the mild tasting crab.

Shrimp with pistachio crusted goat cheese, avocado. This dish was a salad topped with slices of avocado, three large shrimp, and goat cheese balls. It was a deliciously refreshing and light app.

Butternut squash soup with chipotle aioli, pumpkin seeds and creme fraiche. There were hints of spiciness from the chipotle aioli with a sweetness provided by the creme fraiche and a nice crunchy texture from the seeds. This was one of the best butternut squash soups you’ll find.

Seared sea scallops w/ parsnip potato puree, crispy prosciutto, parsnip strips and apple cider beurre blanc.  Delicious scallops that didn’t have any hint of gritiness. The prosciutto was so light and crispy and the beurre blanc was so creamy. In combination, all the ingredients made this an excellent dish.

Crispy skin Texas striped bass w/ garlic spinach, sizzled leeks and meyer lemon caper beurre blanc. The fish was meaty and perfectly cooked. I’m not usually a fan of leeks but these were delicious. Another dish with a beurre blanc sauce, however this one didn’t seem as buttery or thick as the one used with the scallops.

They dropped off a plate of mignardises to end the meal. Three bites of a lemon bar, a peanut butter dessert that was crunchy and airy, and a chocolate brownie that was dense and moist. The sweet bites were a perfect way to end the meal without leaving us feeling too full.

Service was very good. There were two waiters swooping in and out setting and resetting silverware, cleaning off the table, pouring water, and checking in on us. Even though they were around a lot, they were as unintrusive as possible.

The price of the meal, while not cheap, was reasonable. Armed with a $25 gift card from, we walked out after spending $145 (including tax tip and two drinks).

5 Stars

8125 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 869-2251

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