Another lesson learned. When people rave about the sushi items at a restaurant, stick to said sushi items. We made the mistake of wandering away from the sushi menu and tried some appetizers that disappointed.

Crab croquettes ($9.95) – Deep fried snow crab served with creamy lemon white sauce. 3 to an order. The meat was stringy, small, no large chunks, didn’t taste or smell particularly fresh… meh…

Wontons ($9.25) – Deep fried cream cheese and shrimp wontons, garnished with tobiko. I should have known better than to get wontons in a Japanese restaurant. Way too much cream cheese and not enough shrimp.

Tuna tataki ($12.95) – Lightly seared slices of yellowfin tuna, topped with garlic, ginger, lemon, green onions… bland and not the freshest tasting cuts.

Tuna Tartare ($12.95) – chopped, marinated maguro with avocado and spicy tobiko. Served with fried wonton. This was a mushy, stringy mess. Kinda like they grabbed all the nasty tuna scraps they had, diced it up then dropped it into a martini glass. Yeah… I’m not a fan.

P-TNT roll ($16.99) – Spicy yellowtail, cilantro and cucumbers inside, wrapped with yellowtail, avocado, sliced jalapeños and spicy mayo. Finally, something good! The roll was large with generous cuts of hamachi. It was a good combination of heat and sweetness along with the smooth texture of the fish. I’d recommend getting it.

The hamachi sashimi ($8 for 3 pc.) was decently cut and, more importantly, tasted very good.

The tuna sashimi ($8 for 3 pc.) were 3 sizable slices with a vibrant red color and a silky smooth texture.

Other people in my party ordered three rolls that I didn’t try (Philly roll, crunchy roll, and a spicy salmon roll). They all agreed that they were decent but not spectacular.

It was a Sunday night so maybe many of their fish were several days old. At least it wasn’t busy. We walked in without reservations and were seated promptly. Our check, for a party of 6 where they add in 18% gratuity, averaged out to about $40 per person, including tax and alcohol.

3 Stars

30 N 1st St
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 333-8430

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