I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is eating the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. It’s something that i loved growing up and every once in a while I still get the urge to eat a few. Unfortunately, that also means I have to order something else at Red Lobster. And, let’s face it, anyone who really appreciates food will be disappointed with what they serve there.

This time around the biscuits weren’t as good. They were dry and crumbly. Although the second batch they brought out wasn’t as bad.

I got the grilled maine lobster, grilled shrimp, veggies and rice. The lobster was small and slightly overcooked. No one likes rubbery lobster. The shrimp were small and soaked in butter. That was the main flavor… butter and more butter. The rice was undercooked and watery.

Service was good. Our waitress Allie was attentive, checking in a few times and was patient as the other people I was dining with made substitutions. She had a good sense of humor and gladly cracked open the crab legs that my father-in-law ordered and dug out the crab meat for him.

It was surprisingly packed on a Tuesday night at 7:30 when we dined. It looked like all of Maple Grove was there at the same time. I doubt I’ll be going back to this or any Red Lobster for a long time. My cheddar biscuit itch has been scratched — at least for another few years.

2 Stars

12515 Elm Creek Blvd N
Osseo, MN 55369
(763) 494-4646