We were planning a small party for my wife’s grandmother and were looking for a place that had mini-cupcakes. Our search first led us to Coca & Fig, but then we learned that we had to order a minimum of two dozen per flavor. Since we only wanted three dozen total C&F wasn’t an option. Enter Sweet Retreats. Their minimum was a dozen per flavor ($17 per dozen minis).

When reviewing any business, customer service shouldn’t be underestimated. This is where Sweet Retreats excels. Ordering over the phone was easy and the girl taking the order was friendly and patient. I always get annoyed when employees try to rush you or make you feel like a burden. When I picked up the order a couple days later the girl behind the counter was also very personable and chatty. I liked how they tell you how best to store and serve the cupcakes (one flavor was ok to sit out at room temp for a couple hours, while the others were best served straight out of the fridge).

Parking was a little tough. Street parking can be hard to come by and there’s no access to the shop from the lot in the back. The store is really cute and girlie like most gourmet cupcake shops. There were plenty of flavors available in their case and all looked great. There are also several tables if you can’t wait to eat your treats.

And what about the cupcakes? Amazing! The German chocolate was my favorite by far. A perfectly dense and moist chocolate cake topped with a coconut, pecan, caramel icing. I can’t remember having a better tasting German chocolate cake and the mini cuppies provided a perfect bite size treat.

The salted caramel dream was also delicious. A vanilla cake with a white chocolate whipped icing with caramel drizzled on top along with a touch of salt. I thought it was a perfect balance of sweet and salty, but others thought it was heavy on the salt. Their loss, my gain. I ate a few of these bad boys.

The choczilla was my least favorite but was a hit with all the kids. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate chips mixed in and topped with vanilla buttercream. It wasn’t bad at all, but not in the same league as the other two.

4 Stars

5013 France Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55424
(612) 353-6230

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