If you want fast food — and I’m talking about some good food, served fast — Mr. Sandwich is the place to go. I stopped in the other day needing a quick lunch to go and I was in and out in about five minutes. My BBQ pork banh mi ($3.49 if I remember correctly) came out piping hot and wrapped to go. I showed enough restraint to not tear into it on the drive back to work and waited until I was back at my desk to taste it.

It was worth the wait. The bread was crispy, yet chewy, there was plenty of sweet pork and a good amount of crunchy veggies. The only thing it lacked were the jalapeños. I couldn’t taste any in it. I know this place is owned by the same people who own Hue Thai, but I thought the banh mi was better here than over at Hue Thai. I still prefer the sandwiches at Kinh Do, but for a quick fix Mr Sandwich is well worth it.

4 Stars

4215 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 838-2888

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