After eating at Blue Ribbon, the wife and I stopped by Comme Ca for dessert. If you’re there for a quick bite (like we were) grab a seat on their patio overlooking the Strip. It’s a nice view and cool atmosphere without being too busy. They also have space heaters to make you nice and toasty for those cold, windy winter nights.

The wine we got was forgettable but the dessert… damn, it was good. We shared the chocolate terrine — a rich, sweet chocolate mouse with just the right amount of bitterness with a jasmine tea foam and cocoa streusel. It was perfect to share if you just want a few sweet bites but don’t want anything too heavy.

I feel bad for all of the servers here. They have to wear ugly, red, plaid shirts that aren’t flattering. Despite the sad outfits, our server was great. She didn’t mind that we only got drinks and one dessert and did a good job of selling the place. I want to go back to try the rest of their menu after hearing her talk about it.

4 Stars

— Updated below: 4/10/11 —

My wife and I liked this place enough the first time around (after just having drinks and dessert) that we decided to come back for a full meal. Reservations were easy to get and we were seated quickly after arriving.

I love their raw bar. They’ve got several types of oysters to choose from. We went with half a dozen Kusshi oysters — one of my favorite types because they’re small, yet meaty and a touch briny. The oysters were accompanied by a lemon, some horseradish and some sort of red wine vinegar sauce.

Both apps that followed were excellent. The broth for the French onion soup was rich and savory and filled with large chunks of croutons. The crab cake was a single large cake sitting on a remoulade that had a little spiciness to it and topped with a frisee and herb salad. There wasn’t much filler in the crab cake and plenty of meat, but not the large, meaty jumbo lump chunks I prefer. Still, it was a good cake.

We split a whole lobster. Talk about disappointment… yes, it was all the meat from the claws and tail, but it looked much smaller than what we expected for $52. The meat was stacked on top of fingerling potatoes and spinach. We didn’t care much for the sauce it was in and the meat had a weird rubbery and almost chalky taste to it. Not something that we would order — or recommend — again.

We got a cheese plate for dessert which had three blue cheese and two others I don’t remember. All were excellent. The cheeses were accompanied with bread, apples and some amazing candied pistachios.

Drinks were fabulous, service was good, and the view is always great. I’m still a fan. I just won’t order the lobster again.

4 Stars

— Updated below: 8/16/11 —

Ya gotta love social media. At least I do. Particularly when it comes to restaurants giving away prizes. I was the lucky winner of a “free dinner” at Comme Ca just for liking their photos on Facebook. So, the missus and I redeemed out meal back on August 6. It was our third time there and, again, we had a fantastic meal.

We had 7:00 reservations and were warmly greeted by a hostess and manager, both who congratulated us for winning. We were seated at a spacious 4-top by the windows looking out to their patio. Everything about the night  was first-class… food, drinks, service, experience.

Cocktails here are some of the best in town, which is to be expected since they worked with famous NY mixologist Sam Ross to craft the menu. One drink, penicillin, was recently recognized by a local publication as the best cocktail in the city. Even if you’re not a scotch drinker, it will turn you into a fan. Not to be outdone, other concoctions like the Leaving Tijuana will brighten your mood in a hurry.

We started our meal with half a dozen amazing oysters, followed by the steak tartar and veal ravioli. Both were rich and savory, but the ravioli was mindblowing. Approx. six veal stuffed ravioli were sitting in a shallow bowl topped with mushrooms and accompanied by a light sauce. Every forkful delivered an intensely satisfying array of flavors and melted in our mouths. The dish isn’t on their daily menu, but if it’s offered, you must get it.

For entrees we we got the mushroom risotto with shaved truffles and the beef cheek bourguignon. The beef was a nicely seasoned and tender hunk of meat sitting on top of a mix of vegetables. The risotto was a perfect consistency, but under seasoned.

We ordered a lot of food but still had room for dessert. The grand marnier souffle was outstanding and the cheese platter that followed was the perfect ending to a great meal.

One of the many highlights of the meal was the amazing service provided by Rebecca (@Rebeccainvegas). Not only was she on the ball with making sure all our needs were met, she has a passion and knowledge of food that made us crave every dish she described.

Save for the risotto, it was a perfect meal and proved again why Comme Ca is one of the better restaurants we’ve had the pleasure of dining at. The “free meal” we won accounted for $150 of the bill and we paid for the difference plus tax and tip.

4.5 Stars

The Cosmopolitan
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7910

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