I was so excited to see this place open up recently. I live close by so having a taqueria in my hood meant that I might be a regular visitor. Unfortunately, after two visits I’m not thrilled with the quality. And, I hate giving bad — or even average — reviews to mom and pop shops because I want them to succeed. But, here’s the lowdown…

My first visit I got four tacos ($1.75 each). The carne asada was tough and chewy, the two pastor tacos had tender meat and were well seasoned (so hot I kept reaching for my drink), and the carnitas were the best of the bunch. Each taco only had one tortilla, but were filled with plenty meat, onions,  and cilantro. They didn’t have any bottled water, but had bottles of soda for $2.

They had a spit/rotisserie set up but the manager said they wouldn’t be using it until business picked up.

The second visit I got a chicken empanada ($1.77). It was a large empanada filled with chicken and a tomato/onion mixture. It could have been more crispy, but it tasted really good. I also got a carnitas burrito ($6.75) which was filled with plenty of pork, rice, beans, cilantro, and onions. Unlike the carnitas taco on my previous visit, this pork was bland and way too fatty. I’m usually easy to please and will eat everything in front of me, but I could only finish half of the burrito. Not because it was a huge burrito (it was big) but because the carnitas weren’t that good.

I really want this place to do well and I wish the owners the best of luck. But, I just can’t say that I’m a fan.

2.5 Stars

4811 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89147