On a Thursday night my friend and I wanted to hit up Firefly on Paradise. Unfortunately, there was an hour long wait. We were starving so instead of driving somewhere else we decided to check out Satay, which is in the same plaza. It was kind of funny seeing how different Satay was compared to Firefly. Firefly was packed with people with plenty of others hoping and waiting to get seated. But over at Satay, we strolled right in and got seated immediately on the patio.

The siu mai ($4.95) was decent but forgettable. The roast duck appetizer ($8.95) was the best thing we ate. The skin was crispy and the meat was plentiful and savory. For my entree, I went with the honey BBQ pork ($12.95) which was a large mound of meat piled on top of some veggies. Most of the meat was tender, succulent and sweet, but if you get this plan on eating family style and sharing. It’s pork overload, for sure.

Service was decent. Food was pretty good. I still would have preferred eating at Firefly if we could have gotten in, but Satay was a nice alternative.

3 Stars

3900 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 369-8788

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