4.5 stars. If I didn’t eat at Holsteins a couple days prior, I would probably give Bachi Burger 5 stars. But in a head to head competition between Holsteins’ Rising Sun burger and BB’s Ronin burger, I’d have to give the edge to the Rising Sun… but not by much.

The Ronin burger ($9 – caramelized onions, Japanese cole slaw, miso goma dressing, fried egg, katsu BBQ, sweet bun, yuzu citrus aioli on the side) wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting, which let the savoriness of the beef shine. The other star was the onions, which provided most of the sweetness I tasted, along with the dressing and BBQ sauce. It’s a messy burger after biting into the egg so prepare to use a few napkins. Even with all the ingredients it was a compact burger that held up well after each bite. There were no issues with stuff sliding out the back and falling apart, as can be the case with other burgers with a million ingredients.

One area where Bachi Burger beats Holsteins is with their fries. They’re excellent and highly addictive. Truffle parmesan fries ($4) topped with parmesan reggiano, black truffle, chives, a light gravy drizzled on top and a side of sun dried tomato aioli.

They also have an interesting array of non-alcoholic drinks. The jasmine strawberry lemonade ($3.75) I tried was like 3/4 lemonade and 1/4 strawberry slushy on top. Not only was it a great looking drink, the light floral flavor mixed with fruit was incredibly refreshing.

I should have ended the meal there. Instead I ordered one of their specials… an ice cream sandwich ($4) – vanilla ice cream and house-made whipped cream between two chocolate cookies. The cookie was soft, but not soft enough. When I tried to cut into it all the ice cream and whipped cream came shooting out the back. The cookie tasted decent enough, but as a whole the dessert wasn’t in the same ballpark as the rest of the meal.

Despite that dessert, this place is highly recommended. It’s a great bargain when you consider going to a similar (or inferior) burger joint on the Strip will cost you an extra $10-15 more per person.

4.5 Stars

470 E Windmill Ln
Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 242-2244

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