LuLu’s is one food truck that deserves to be called a *gourmet* food truck. Most others are just upscale roach coaches serving good food. The roasted pork sandwich ($6) I tried was an outstanding sammie made with several tender slices of roasted pork shoulder, mozzarella, and arugula pesto.

If you’re going to try a dessert, their strawberry shortcake beignets ($5) are an indulgence worth getting. Fried to order, these doughy morsels of delight are topped with powdered sugar and sliced strawberries. Sure, they’re probably a million calories, but it’s only a one time thing, right?

They say they’re constantly changing their menu, which could be good and bad… if you’re going there for a specific item they might not be selling it that day. But, if their other items are anything like the two that I tried, than it shouldn’t matter what you get because you’ll be happily satisfied.

5 Stars

Las Vegas, NV 89109