This is the place to go to if you’re looking for a steakhouse that isn’t stuffy, conservative, or quiet. Other places around town try to pull off the same “cool kid” vibe but, unlike those spots, STK has some great food. I’ve heard from others how loud it can get, but we dined on a Tuesday night and, while it was busy, the music was at a decent volume — low enough that we didn’t have to yell at each other to have a conversation. I was hoping to sit in the main dining area where they have nothing but booths, but we were seated in front of the bar in a loungey-type area with mostly 2- and 4-tops.

The bleu butter bread that they start you out with was warm, fresh, and delicious. The half-dozen Kusshi oysters ($18) we had next were mild, meaty, and excellent. The pea agnolotti ($15) had an overpowering pea taste and, unfortunately, not enough of the goat cheese or pistachios that accompanied it.

The final appetizer we had was their tuna tartare ($19). Sure, it’s a common dish found in almost every restaurant these days, but their version is very good. Fresh chunks of tuna were sitting in a corn tuille, which added a bit of sweetness to the dish and a crunchy texture. The avocado cream under the tuille had cayenne pepper (I think?) that added a kick.

My wife has been eating less and less lately, so we split the 14 oz. bone-in filet ($52). Wow! You had me at “bone-in”… drool-worthy, nom-worthy… hell, it’s even sponge-worthy. One of the most tender and amazing filets I’ve had. We got the blue butter sauce with it, but really there was no need to put anything else on the steak.

We got a side of haricot vert ($10) — or green beans as ordinary folk like me call it — that was tasty and firm. Not the slightest bit overcooked or soggy. The portions are large, so plan on sharing among three or four.

Service was a bit spotty. Our waiter was nice enough, but he had at least six tables and was constantly running around. Meaning we didn’t see him often. We sat around for almost half an hour before ordering our food. A little help for the wait staff might not be a bad idea.

For all you Top Chef fans, Stephen Hopcraft (formerly of Michael Mina’s Seablue) is the executive chef. But, whether you’re a fan of the show or not, the bone-in filet is reason enough to stop by.

4.5 Stars

The Cosmopolitan
3700 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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