It’s a brilliant marketing strategy really… create a pizza place reminiscent of all those fabulous New York spots, don’t tell anyone about it, don’t mention it on your web site, signage, or collateral, and let the “word of mouth” marketing create a buzz about the place. It becomes a game for some — searching the Cosmopolitan for that secret pizza shop that a friend of a friend told you about or spotting someone walking around with a delicious slice and stalking that person in hopes they’ll lead you back there.

I’ll make it easy for you. It’s on the third floor, down a hallway lined with album covers. The hallway is in between Blue RIbbon and Jaleo. When you finally reach the destination you’ll find a small space with a counter with several pizzas on display, a few stools to sit and eat, and a couple video game machines.

I got a slice of pepperoni for $3.75. Not bad. Not the best pizza ever. Maybe you need to be hammered and stumbling out of Marquee at 4 in the morning to think that it is? The crust was more crispy than chewy, but did hold up well to the toppings as the bottom part of the crust remained firm with no hints of sogginess. The sauce and pepperoni were rich in flavor and provided a bit of a kick.

It’s one of the better pizzas I’ve had in town (although not as good as Biaggio’s or Grimaldi’s) and may be one of the best bargains on the Strip. The key selling point is the “journey” as much as the “destination” — it’s fun to find it and possibly more fun to watch others wonder where you got that slice.

4 Stars

The Cosmopolitan
3708 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 651-2432

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