I finally tracked down Sloppi Jo’s for lunch in the southwest. The pork tacos (2 for $6) were unreal. They had a distinct “New Mexico” taste with the red chile spiced pork — a completely different  flavor than any Mexican street style taco. Tender, well seasoned, with a touch of heat, these pork tacos with guacamole, pickled onions, la crema, and queso fresco were generously stuffed. So much so that the corn tortillas couldn’t handle all of that deliciousness and fell apart. You’re not going to look pretty eating these, but it’s worth it to savor every last scrap.

The BBQ slider ($3) is another item that shouldn’t be missed. Filled with a tender beef patty, jack cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, red chile mayo, and crispy onions, this is one of the better sliders in town. The meat to bun ratio was perfect, the flavor was mouthwatering, and there was plenty of textural contrast with the beef and crispy onions.

With all the other items on their menu — the sloppi jo, chicken tacos, mac-n-cheese, other sliders, and desserts — there’s plenty of reason to return.

Here’s one warning if you’re going to hit up this food truck: don’t expect a traditional sloppy joe like the manwich you probably had as a kid. They don’t serve them. Their version of a sloppi jo is pulled pork topped with a fried egg and a side of onions and tortillas.

5 Stars

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 608-4410

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