Ben’s BBQ fits into the same category as food trucks, but it’s more like a food cart. A small rectangular cart with its own smoker in the back… always a good sign to see a real smoker at any BBQ joint.

As far as BBQ spots go, this one wasn’t bad. The pulled pork sammie ($7) was large enough to fill me up. While the bread was tough, the pork was tender and smokey. The bacon mac-n-cheese ($3) consisted of cheesey penne pasta, but was short on bacon.

The food came out quick. The owner’s son (I believe) was taking orders. Seemed like a nice kid but tried to overcharge me. I don’t think it was intentional, he just thought 7+3 equalled 11… damn you Nevada education system!

3 Stars

Las Vegas, NV
(775) 450-4847