In the Las Vegas sandwich world, everyone is familiar with Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwich. It’s Thanksgiving in a bun and even more delicious than it sounds. Eddie D’s boasts the Robert as it’s challenger to the best turkey day sammie. It’s a bold move to challenge the king and, unfortunately, they fall short.

The bread, the key to any good sammie, if soft and pillowy. My main gripes are with the turkey and the toppings. They use sliced turkey, as opposed to pulled turkey. To top it off, they cover it up with melted cheese — similar to cheese wiz or cheese sauce. There was no need for the cheese at all and it was a hige turn-off.

I did like the cranberry sauce on the side and the fact that it was a warm sandwich. But, for Thanksgiving on a bun… Capriotti’s is still on top.

On a separate visit I tried the New Yorker ($7.99). Tender roast beef and melted provolone on a large garlicy, buttered bread with a side of jus for dipping. An excellent option for anyone with a large appetite.

The service is always friendly. On my first visit I was greeted by Eddie D, himself, and given a complimentary meatball as I was perusing the menu.

3 Stars

6870 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 541-8792

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