There are so many things to hate about traveling… the hassle of going through security, the long waits, long flight times… But what really gets to me is the crappy food. McCarran is one of the worst airports as far as dining options is concerned. Walking through the A terminal, I got a little excited when I saw Flatbreadz. It’s a good concept, but the execution is poor.

I got the turkey BLT — deli slices of turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, and a guacamole spread on a wheat flatbread. I skipped the chipotle mayo. The whole thing was underwhelming. It was something I could have put together myself and at $8.59 it was pricey (as expected with any airport food). Add on water for $3.19 and tax and the total was $12.73.

2 Stars

McCarran International Airport
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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