Sustainable, organic, local… some of the buzzwords that get tossed around by restaurants these days. I guess I should care. And, to some extent I do, particularly when I see how it affects a restaurant’s dishes. Ripple is a good example of a menu evolving daily based on available ingredients.

They have some mainstays, but several components within each dish will differ from day to day. I’m no chef (hell, I can’t even cook), but I can appreciate the difficulty in preparing dishes that change regularly, yet constantly taste fabulous. Sure, I’ve only been here once, but the friends I was with assured me the food is always good.

The cheese selection is excellent and affordable (5 for $18). Go ahead and let your waitress recommend some cheeses. Chances are, none will disappoint. The sirloin entree ($25) amounted to approx. 4-5 oz of deliciously savory medium-rare beef, sliced and plated with an eggplant puree, figs, morels and a caperberry condiment. Paired with their Siesta Malbec, I was a happy camper… although a slightly still-hungry camper.

And, now we get to my main gripe about this place. Small portions. In any other country the portion size would be acceptable, but this is America, damn it! We supersize everything… food, cars, boobs…everything! If it wasn’t for the three (or was it four?) servings of their crackers/bread I would have been starving. Throw in an extra slice or two of beef and I would have given this place higher marks.

I’m looking forward to another visit the next time I’m in town to see how the menu continues to evolve. But, I’m hoping that one constant will be the service. We had a perky, bubbly, funny redhead waitress who made for some good conversation and recommendations — not to mention attentive service.

4 Stars

3417 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 244-7995

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