I’ve driven by this little Mexican market a million times and finally decided to give it a try. It looks small from the outside and feels even smaller inside. They packed everything in pretty tight. I came here to buy some pre-seasoned carne asada for some homemade tacos. The quality of the stuff I got looked better than similar meat at Los Compadres, although the flavor/seasoning/marinade of the meat from Los Compadres was probably bolder. The meat at El Gordito was also pricier at about $6.20 a pound, I think, compared to $5.99 at LC.

Also got some pinto beans, which were tasty. Other items purchased (cilantro, jalapeños, and avocados) were fairly priced and in good condition. I’d come here again.

4 Stars

5815 W Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 221-2215