Restaurant Week 2011. This was the final place we dined for RW. It wasn’t as good as our dinner at Scarpetta a few days earlier, but was good enough to make me want to go back to experience more. Located on the second floor of Aria behind the escalators, it’s tough to find but definitely worth the trip.

To start things off, they brought the table a light and refreshing watermelon gazpacho with a pickled melon ball, lemon verbena and a paper thin slice of cucumber hidden at the bottom.

The appetizer I chose was the pickled peach and goat cheese salad. I loved the depth in flavors and textures with the pistachio, crystallized wasabi, and frisee salad.

The NY strip had some good-looking grill marks and was nicely charred for a medium-rare steak. But it was a bit chewy for my tastes. The crunchy potato and tomato compote that accompanied it were amazing. It added a wonderful array of flavors that enhanced the average tasting beef. My wife’s soy glazed short rib, on the other hand, was one of the best short ribs we’ve had (second to Fleur de Lys, back in the day). Sweet, savory, a touch tart and acidic, this dish was an assault of the palate — but in a good way. The texture of the rosemary crumbs was an added bonus that turned this dish into an outstanding meal.

We also ordered a side of the truffle mashed potatoes, which I found to be too rich and salty. But, others at the table loved it.

For dessert my wife got the warm chocolate cake — essentially a molten chocolate cake. The one bite I had (that’s all she would let me have) was pretty damn good. My key lime pie was fabulous. I loved the pop rocks on top. It was a whimsical addition that added plenty of taste and flair to their modern take on this classic dish.

Even with the RW prices ($50.11 per person) it was pricey after drinks, tax and tip. But that’s to be expected from any steakhouse on the Strip. The rest of their menu looked good, so I’ll be back to try other dishes. This meal showcased some bold flavors and beautiful presentations but in the future I want to see how their high-end cuts of beef compare to the other top spots around town.

4 Stars

3734 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 230-2742

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