Our first night camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and we couldn’t get a fire started. Nothing we tried got our wet bundle of wood going. We were fucked and had to forget about cooking at our camp site. So, we swallowed our pride and headed to the Lodge for dinner. Not exactly what we had planned…

The restaurant looked nice enough. Kind of upscale in a rustic sort of way. There were only three of four other parties dining there so getting seated wasn’t a problem. The three of us (two adults and a three year old) were seated at a small table by a window.

The menu looked good. Unfortunately, all the dishes failed. The angus burger on ciabatta was unbelievably greasy, which rendered the bread a soggy mess. It was also under seasoned. The butternut squash soup was way too thick and gummy and tasted of nothing but flour. Even the kid’s chicken fingers were bland and tasteless, although the breading was light and crispy.

What made the experience even worse was the damage it inflicted on our wallets. Three items and two drinks set us back fifty bucks. That definitely wasn’t the kind of meal we had planned. Cooking at our camp site would have been a hell of a lot cheaper and better.

1 Star

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Big Sur, CA 93920
(831) 667-3100

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