Looking for an inexpensive dining option in Napa, we came across Dim Sum Charlie’s as we were walking towards the Oxbow  Public Market. I love the look of the truck — a silver, old-fashioned airstream trailer — and like the covered picnic tables that serve as the dining area. It’s probably the most comfortable dining situation of any food truck around. An added plus is the cute black lab (Ruby, I think is the dog’s name) that was wandering around serving as host.

We got the “Ten Dolla Make You Holla!” sampler ($10) which was an assortment of 4 dumplings, 1 honey baked pork bun, 1 white fluffy. The two pork buns were great, while the 4 dumplings were ok. The flavors were all subtle and textures all pretty much the same. So much so, that I had trouble discerning what I was eating.

One sampler is enough for one person, however the two of us split one, leaving more room to get some grub at Oxbow.

3 Stars

728 First St
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 815-2355