Located in a small, old strip mall on Jones Blvd, near Flamingo, this place gets good reviews, but based on my one experience getting take-out I doubt I’d come back. We opted for two classic American-Chinese dishes — mongolian beef and cashew chicken. Each dish was a ridiculously large serving, probably enough for two or three people. Too bad the quality wasn’t on par with the quantity.

The mongolian beef was overflowing from it’s styrofoam container, with it’s thick, dark sauce spilling out on the drive back to my house. There were plenty of vegetables mixed in, but nothing could save this dish from the mushy and chewy beef. I only managed to eat a quarter of it before it took its rightful place in my trash can.

Like the first dish, the cashew chicken was spilling out of it’s container. Filled with plenty of vegetable and chicken, although light on cashews, the dish was surprisingly bland.

I’m sure the food would be better if you eat IN the restaurant, but the next time I need an American-Chinese fix I’ll be heading elsewhere.

2 Stars

4180 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 207-0532