This was the first truck I hit up at the South Point Gourmet Food Truck Festival (11/5/11) in Las Vegas. I was smart enough to check out the menus of most of the trucks online before going there so i didn’t have to waste time deciding what to try. The line was already about 30 people deep but from the looks of it, wait times were about the same for most other trucks. I spent about half an hour waiting in line to order and another 15 minutes or so to get my food — not great, but not bad either.

The best of the two steamed buns ordered was the pork belly bao ($3.75). Pork belly rarely disappoints and their rich and savory version was a winner. Coupled with the sour and acidic taste of the tumeric pickled daikon and green shiso, the flavors left me begging for more.

Unfortunately, I ate the pork belly first. The braised pork bao ($3.75) with savoy cabbage and preserved yellow mustard seeds wasn’t nearly as pleasing. The pork itself was excellent but I wasn’t a fan of the other ingredients.

I do have to commend them for the amount of food. While $3.75 for each bao is steep, they pack them with as much food as possible. Plenty of it will spill out as you bit into it, so grab a fork to make sure you can eat every last morsel.

4 Stars

670 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 813-8800

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