One of the best off the strip restaurants I’ve been to in this town. What the exterior lacks in curb appeal (it’s located in a dated strip mall with a non-descript facade) the interior more than makes up for it with a quaint, romantic atmosphere not found elsewhere in Las Vegas. It’s two biggest selling points: a wine shop and a patio overlooking a lake.

I love the wine shop! With several rows of wines displayed, there are plenty of varietals to choose and a wide range of prices for both the big spenders and the penny pinchers (I’m somewhere in between). So, after you check in at the host stand — which is by the front door at the cash register — peruse their wine selection and take it to the table with you. They’ll just add the wine to your dinner check, plus a ten dollar corkage fee.

There’s a small indoor dining area, but the best place to sit is on their patio. During the winter it’s enclosed and has heat lamps so you’ll be able to dine there year-round. Don’t expect a breathtaking view. We’re not talking about one of the Great Lakes. It’s in a desert, after all, so the body of water is fairly small. But the overall experience and atmosphere is one that is unique to the city.

The food is very good. The menu is on the conservative side, with items that will be familiar to most everyone. It’s French-inspired American food that’s executed extremely well.

The ahi and bacon app ($15) was a nice mix of flavors and textures with its pickled pineapple, glazed bacon, chive and chili oil. It’s a small dish, with two seared slices of tuna and one thick cut of bacon, but tasty, nonetheless.

For entrees my wife had the mushroom risotto ($18) — a large and perfectly seasoned portion served in a shallow bowl. I went with the braised short rib ($28) — a large, tender slab of beef sitting on a generous helping of blue cheese mashed potatoes and topped with crispy shallots. Neither dish stood a chance… we devoured both with nothing left behind.

We ended the meal with a delicious bread pudding ($8) — freshly baked to order and served with cinnamon rum sauce. Served in a large ramekin, it’s good enough for three, maybe four people.

The service was professional and courteous without being too overbearing.

The prices were excellent. With our gift certificate we ended up paying about $130 total. That’s a far cry from what we would normally spend on the Strip for a similar meal. With its decidedly anti-Vegas ambiance, this place is a hit for any special occasion.

5 Stars

2620 Regatta Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 804-8008

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