I’ve been here twice — both times I’ve gotten takeout. That’s never the best way to experience a restaurant’s food, so your experience may vary especially if you dine in. Located in the same plaza as Jarochos Taqueria in the northwest corner or Rainbow and Tropicana, it’s a converted Japanese spot with a counter to dine at if you’re eating solo. The place is super clean with a modest decor with minimal, but tasteful, design elements.

Service has been quick and friendly on both visits, with my food ready for pick-up after a short drive from my house. I noticed behind the register at the front of the house their computer had their Yelp page displayed, so they do read their reviews.

The food I’ve had has been hit and miss. Their honey glazed barbeque pork ($8) was delicious! Plenty of tender, sliced pieces of pork covered lightly with a tangy and subtle sweet honey syrup. My favorite pieces were the ones that were slightly charred, which provided the perfect contrast in texture with the slightly fatty meat. Their menu claims it’s an “award winning recipe”. Is it really? I have no idea, but it is amazing and worth getting if you eat here.

The spring rolls ($5) were crispy and filled with a finely shredded veggies. The cashew chicken ($9) looked to be quality meat with a good balance and ratio of protein to vegetables and cashews, but was a bit bland. The beef lo-mein ($8) was clearly my least favorite dish. The noodles were thick and chewy but excessively oily and there wasn’t much beef. The dish could have benefited from more onions and green onions. The pieces that were there were also unevenly cut — some were tiny, others huge. The execution of the dish could have been improved greatly.

Prices are reasonable and because it’s close to my house I’m sure I’ll try it again. Although I’d prefer to dine in next time to see how the quality of the dishes vary.

3.5 Stars

4825 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 873-3288

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