This is where arteries go do die. Or at least to get clogged. Ridiculously large portions, unhealthy food… take a look around and you’d think they were casting for “The Biggest Loser”. But, I’m not judging. I’m Merely making observations.

The food is actually really good — as far as fast, casual food goes. The pastrami dip ($7.79) was stuffed with thin/shaved pastrami that was both salty and delicious, while not being too peppery. Along with mustard and pickles and a soft, chewy roll, it lived up to it’s billing for being “world famous.”

My wife’s cheeseburger ($3.49) was better than most fast food burgers and very filling. Our kid didn’t have any complaints for his ham and cheese on sourdough ($5.39). Not sure why his ham and cheese was more expensive than the cheeseburger. You’d think it would be the other way around based purely on size.

A small order of fries ($2.49) was enough for the three of us. They weren’t bad, but a little limp and soggy.

I like the retro-fast food look of the place. I know it’s a chain, but it’s the first time I’ve visited the place. And, while I know eating there regularly would slowly kill me, I’d gladly to go back just for another pastrami dip

4 Stars

1210 E Imperial Hwy
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 257-9500

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