The food truck scene in Las Vegas has been rough. There have been plenty that have popped up over the last couple years, with many of them going under before needing an oil change. But, one that has withstood the climate and competition is Fuku Burger.

I’ve always heard great things about them but failed to give them a try because their service hours are usually late at night. If you have a young kid like I do, you’d understand that going out late is a rare occurrence. In this town, however, I’m in the minority. So, until recently I’ve only been able to follow them via Twitter or word of mouth.

These guys get it. They understand who their market is and how to reach them. Fuku Burger is more of an experience than any other food truck. They became popular by working late shifts and becoming the go-to spot for industry workers looking for some grub after getting off of work. Setting up buckets to use as chairs, they create an atmosphere that encourages people to stick around and socialize. More than any other food truck in town (with the possible exception of Slidin Thru), these guys know how to attract customers (by social media or in person) and make a lasting impression.

While fewer and fewer trucks are working lunch shifts in this town (most trucks these days are relying on joint gatherings like Vegas strEATs or Saturday Night Truck Stop for the bulk of their business) Fuku has started doing day shifts during the week. That’s a huge score for me — allowing me to finally give them a try. Located off of Spring Mountain Rd, they’re in position to attract tourists and locals alike.

I got the tamago burger — a Fuku patty with furikake, teriyaki and wasabi mayo, topped with crispy onion strings and a fried egg. I loved the sweetness of the sauce and, while the egg was super messy, it added to the bold flavors. I was in heaven with the various textures and taste. But, it was a heaven that required half a dozen napkins to clean myself up before heading back to work.

The size of the burger was decent — enough to fill me up for lunch. The only negative was the bun, which was a bit dry. In my opinion, the buns at Bachi Burger are still the best around, so it’s tough to compete with them on that level.

Fuku Burger’s success has led to them opening a brick and mortar establishment in LA. Hopefully, a Las Vegas location will be in the plans sooner rather than later so I can enjoy their burgers at more reasonable hours year round.

4 Stars

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 217-0758

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