The interior looks like the set of “Saved By the Bell.” If you can get past that (or maybe that ’80s look is a plus for some?) you’ll find some good pizza. It won’t crack my top 5 in town, but it’s a nice spot to bring the family for a low-key dinner.

We had the Modesto ($25.95 for a large) – roasted mushrooms, garlic, roma tomatoes, basil, and sausage. The crust was crispy and chewy but the underside of the pie wasn’t firm enough to hold up to the toppings that were on it. I loved the sausage on it and the fresh basil. The sauce wasn’t very memorable.

We also got an individual cheese pizza ($7.75) that my kid loved. He liked it so much that he got mad at me for eating his left overs a couple days later.

4 Stars

4001 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 362-7896

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