I’m not a sushi purist. While I’d love to eat nothing but delicate cuts of sashimi and simple, well-crafted nigiri, my wallet dictates that I feast on rolls if I want a satisfying meal without spending a fortune. And I have no problem eating crazy, sauce-covered rolls that would horrify most Japanese and drive them to seppuku.

My tastes are Americanized, afterall, so rolls are cool with me. Their specialty rolls are half price all day, every day. But, if you use a restaurant.com gift card like I did on my first visit you have to pay full-price for the rolls.

The rolls we’ve tried have all tasted good — the Bonzai, Red Dragon, Spicy tuna crunch, Hawaiian, and Yellowtail cover rolls. But, are sometimes sloppily assembled. Having ordered some of the rolls twice, we noticed that they don’t always come out the same. QA issues aside, I can’t really complain because the food is relatively inexpensive.

The yellowtail with jalapeño ($13) was also solid. We ordered tuna sashimi ($12) but what they brought out was seared tuna with a bunch of crispy stuff on top. We tried telling the waitress it was wrong but she insisted that that was how they do it there. Right… I guess that’s what they tell all the non-Asian looking folk.

That brings me to my biggest gripe about this place — the service. They’re friendly, but slow. If you want a quick meal this is the last place you should go. Expect a long wait to have your order taken and even more time to go by before you get your food. If you want refills, think again. Even if the place is empty, which it was on both of our visits, you’ll spend a good hour and a half or more eating there.

At least the place is comfy. The interior is quite spacious and they have a few large TVs scattered around in addition to a projection screen and a stage where there is occasionally live music. Large booths are scattered around the room, making your wait time somewhat more enjoyable.

Despite its flaws, it’s a good place to get some rolls at a decent price if you’re not in a hurry.

3.5 Stars

7293 W Sahara
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 233-3539

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