Once you look past the annoying spelling of miX and THEhotel (really, is the pretentious capitalization of those letters necessary?) you realize that the restaurant is more style than substance. The view, particularly from the outdoor balcony, is one of the best in town. The mod atmosphere created from the wall of bubbles in the center of the main dining area, the oversized pod dining booths, and spartan decor would lead you to believe that the meal you’re about to enjoy will be both trendsetting and unforgettable. It’s neither.

A French restaurant with a decidedly American spin along with Latin and Asian influenced dishes, the food sounded and looked better than it tasted. The gnocchi, sitting in a savory veal jus, was more mushy than pillowy. The tuna tartare was memorable only because of the bold sweetness and acidity of the mango chutney.

The entrees we dined on were good, but underwhelming for the price. Without the benefit of the bernaise and peppercorn sauces the under seasoned filet would have been disappointing. I did enjoy the curry sauce on the roasted Main lobster “Au Curry” dish, but the bed of bazmati rice — and I use the term “rice” loosely — was like eating oatmeal. Not a good combo with lobster in my opinion. The claw meat was wonderful, but the tail meat was so tough I had to use my wife’s steak knife to cut it.

For dessert, we shared the chocolate souffle. Not bad, but the highlight was the rocky road ice cream it came with. The other couple we dined with ordered the apple quince and caramel — a tatin with a caramel parfait and green apple sorbet. I was able to sneak in a few bites and thought it was a fabulous mix of sweet and tart flavors. Following dessert madeleines were brought out for the table. A nice gesture, but they were so dry that not even the nutella that came with it could save it.

The disappointment didn’t end with the food. Service was too casual and lackluster for a place that has garnered a Michelin star. I don’t remember our server’s name, but he seemed to be more suited to renting out surfboards on some random beach than working at a “high-end” French place.

On a positive note, there are restaurant dot com gift certificates available to lessen the shock of receiving the bill.

2.5 Stars

Mandalay Bay/THEhotel
3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 632-9500

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