Quantity wins out over quality here. While there are some good items, as a small plates (tapas) restaurant it pales in comparison to Jaleo, Julian Serrano, and other spots around town. But, for $20 (with a Hard Rock hotel players card) you can get the “all you can eat” option and knock yourself silly. For that price, this place is not only a bargain, it’s a damn good value. It’s cheaper than a buffet plus they bring all the food to you so your fat ass doesn’t have to get up until you throw in the towel!

The Good:
– Small Balls: (not so) creamy risotto and short ribs deep fried. 3 per order. One of the best dishes of the night
– Shorty: braised short rib, sage, savory virgin oil. Tender and tasty. If you’re sensitive to salt you’ll probably hate it.
– Grilled PB&J: the crunchy PB and bread are grilled and the jelly is on the side. Nice interpretation of a classic
– Goat cheese pops: almond crusted, chipotle saffron onion marmalade. 2 per order.

The Average:
– Tuna sashimi: 3 slices of sashimi per order. Not the freshest fish and the drown it in ponzu sauce
– Caprese salad: it’s hard to screw up a caprese.
– Tater tots: really sweet, more like a dessert item
– Wholy Guacamole: it’s a large order so make sure you share. The guac wasn’t fresh.
– Bacon wrapped dates: 4 per order. Another dish that’s hard to screw up.
– Meat Lover Flatbread: flat iron, pepperoni, meatballs, tuscan sauuce, goat cheese, crispy onions

The Inedible:
– Pulled pork sliders: Not gonna lie… I finished the order (2 sliders) because I was hungry. But, the pork had a weird taste. I wouldn’t recommend.
– Mussels: easily the worst dish. I tried one and pushed it aside. They were so overcooked, dry, and had a funky chalky texture.

My advice would be to steer clear of the seafood, that’s easily the weakest portion of their menu. The meats and fried items are the way to go. Portion sizes are large for the really low cost items like tater tots and guac and chips. I guess they want to fill you up so you don’t eat more of the other stuff.

We also got all you can drink sangria for $20 per person. It wasn’t very good, but it’ll get the job done.

Despite some bad items, I’m sure I’ll be back if I want to stuff my face on a budget.

3 Stars

Hard Rock Hotel
4455 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89199
(702) 693-4414

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