We came here for a family dinner and while it wasn’t a complete disaster, it wasn’t good enough to warrant a return visit. The wife’s raviolis were probably frozen because the insides were still cold. The presentation of my lasagna was nice — sitting in a little sauce pan — but the sauce was a little bland and there wasn’t much meat in the lasagna.

They don’t have a kids menu but they suggested a slice of pizza from their deli instead of a regular sized pizza. We thought it was a good idea since he doesn’t eat much, but after seeing the quality of the “pizza” they brought out we regretted the decision. First of all, they forgot the order and we had to remind them. It finally arrived well after the wife and I got our meals. What they brought out was a square pizza that looked like it was made that morning or earlier. They just tossed some cheese on top and reheated it. The quality of it was awful.

We did flag down a manager and voiced our concerns. She was nice enough and apologized, even taking the pizza off the check. They offered to comp dessert but we declined.

The restaurant was packed with plenty of older Summerlin folk. That’s neither a compliment nor a condemnation, just an observation. It may be popular with some people, but not with us.

After initially posting this review on Yelp, I received a message from the owner who apologized and asked if we wanted to give his restaurant another try. I have to give them high marks for customer service.  Other places wouldn’t bother to do that or just tell you to fuck off. That counts for something, so I may be heading back there for round two in the future. Hopefully, with better results next time around.

2 Stars

9500 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 360-3358

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