The latest all-you-can-eat entry in the world of Vegas sushi restaurants is Sushi Freak. According to other reviews (and I’m no journalist so I’m relying on the words of others here) it is owned and operated by an ex chef from RA Sushi Bar and Restaurant at Fashion Show Mall. It occupies the space that used to be Brian’s beach Sushi.

The sushi and rolls were good, but a step below my favorite spots around town (Goyemon for AYCE and Naked Fish for a la carte). All you can eat during dinner hours is $25.95 and that includes everything on the menu.

Of the nigiri we tried, the tuna and fresh water eel were the standouts. The yellowtail and halibut were decent as well. The cuts of fish were ample sized and more than covered the rice underneath.

The rolls we tried were well formed and used a minimal amount of rice — about two grains thick. The Stephanie roll had chopped albacore, shrimp wrapped with sliced avocado and garlic ponzu sauce. The Jane roll was a yellowtail roll wrapped with spic tuna on top.

Other items that made their way to my plate and into my stomach are the seafood tostada and vegetable tempura. The tostada consisted of a variety of diced up fish, garlic chips, green onions and sesame seeds on a thin square that had a fried wonton texture to it. It was a good mix of flavors and textures, but a little messy to eat.  The veggie tempura was standard and the batter was rather unimpressive and bland.

The service was both fast and efficient when it came to ordering and receiving our food. Sitting at the sushi bar, orders were taken by both a waitress and one of the sushi chefs.

3.5 Stars

8665 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 453-8897

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