This is one place that I think is underrated. It may be a notch below the top spots in town, but they still have some quality burgers at reasonable prices and a menu diverse enough to placate the pickiest eaters (adults and kids).

Owned and operated by the Double Helix Wine & Restaurant Group, this gourmet burger establishment is located in the Tivoli Village shopping complex. It’s a beautiful space that is modern and elegant, but also features elements reminiscent of a ’50s diner like a counter/bar area with a side fountain. It’s a spacious and comfortable interior perfect for a family night out or casual date that also has an outdoor seating area.

For starters, the mascarpone and white truffle aioli added a lot of richness to an otherwise bland arancini ($8) dish. The DV tacos ($9), however, were delicious with their tender chunks of savory beef atop flour tortillas.

The sweet bacon bleu burger ($9, certified angus beef, sweet onion marmalade, bleu cheese, arugula, roasted tomatoes, applewood bacon) was tasty but the bun was too small in comparison to the large, juicy patty. The Fellini fries ($4) were solid, especially if you’re a fan of truffle oil.

They’ve got a wide range of shakes (virgin and the adult variety) and floats, not to mention beer and wine. I tried a Blue Moon float (Blue Moon and orange sherbet) which sounded better than it tasted. On a 100+ degree day it wasn’t half bad. It was a relatively light and refreshing beverage, but a flavor profile that takes some getting used to.

My biggest complaint is about the service. It drives me crazy when waiters don’t write down orders. I don’t care how good they think their memories are, they have a pen and paper for a reason. So, of course our waiter doesn’t write our orders down, walks away, then comes back twice to ask us about our order. I’m not sure if the guy was new or not, but he seemed to be overwhelmed by everything. All the more reason to write stuff down. There’s no doubt that if I come here again I’ll ask for a different waiter.

4 Stars

450 S Rampart #120
Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 431-5453

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