It’s tough for any restaurant to remain consistent. Dom DeMarco’s is no exception. Both the food and service can be spotty, but when it’s on, the pizza here is some of my favorite in town.

Their popularity sky rocketed when President Obama ordered pizza to-go back in January. But, there was much buzz about the establishment before it even opened due to its connection to the famed Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, NY. Using the same quality ingredients and a water filtration system that changes the city’s hard water to something similar to Brooklyn’s, Albert Scalleat and his team have been able to replicate Di Fara’s pizza well enough to obtain Dom DeMarco’s blessing.

Both the New York style thin crust and the Sicilian style, square cut, thick crust  pizzas are delicious, but the Sicilian can be too greasy and the NY style can be overcooked at times. On our first visit they gave us one that was completely burnt and we were surprised that they let it leave the kitchen like that. Where’s the quality control?

When cooked properly, the pies here will make you forget about any other pizza joint in town with a crispy, yet chewy crust that can hold it’s own under the weight of quality meats and cheeses and a delectable sauce full of depth.For those wanting a white pizza, the white truffle pizza is sure to satisfy and leave you craving for more.

Their menu may not be huge, but it’s well focused and features plenty of great bites. Gram’s Meatballs are a combo of pork, beef, and veal that you can get as sliders (on a brioche roll) or lollipops (served in a bed of marinara with toothpicks). The eggplant pizzettes shouldn’t be missed. They’re breaded slices of eggplant topped with ricotta, parmesan, basil and tomato sauce. The BLT salad (butter leaf lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, bacon, gorgonzola dressing) was good but overdressed.

The desserts we’ve tried don’t quite match the same level of deliciousness as the savory items. The house made tiramisu, served in a tumbler, was heavy on the cream and light on the biscuits. The chocolate cake, not made in house, is rich and dense and the perfect dessert if you’re craving a chocolate overdose. It’s great to share with two or three people.

The decor is modern chic. Lots of dark tones. It may not be the best place to take kids, but if they’re well behaved, go for it. The open setting makes it loud enough to drown out any shrieks your kid might let out. There’s no kid’s menu, but they’ll be happy to make a cheese pizza without the basil for the little ones.

Dom DeMarco, himself, may not be manning the ovens, but their pizza is good enough — at least when they’re on their game — to satisfy anyone searching for New York-style pizza in Sin City.

4 Stars

9785 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 570-7000

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