On my first visit I thought the burgers were under seasoned. A second visit confirmed it. A standard Elevation burger is two patties, two slices of cheese. They also have single patty burgers and cheeseburgers available, along with two types of veggie burgers.

Their main selling point that differentiates them from the competition is their 100% USDA-certified organic, grass-fed, free-range. I like the beefiness and juiciness of the patties, but they have a distinct taste that’s unlike your typical fast food/fast casual burger. If they just seasoned them more they would be so much better. The buns are soft and chewy, the fries are good, and the toppings are diverse — including their tangy Elevation sauce, a balsamic mustard, and 6-month aged cheddar cheese.

Their large cookie isn’t so large. It’s a chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookie that’s shaped like a small hockey puck. It does, however, pack a tasty punch.

If you’re lactose intolerant I wouldn’t recommend their chocolate shake. It’s pretty much melted ice cream that’s incredibly rich and creamy. One shake is plenty for a family of three.

My kid wasn’t a fan of their grilled cheese. They take their hamburger buns, turn them upside down and place cheese in between them. Not traditional by any means, and not a hit with my four year old.

Their staff has been friendly and informative on my visits — always willing to answer any questions — and the interior is reminiscent of chipotle, but lighter.

As expected, it’s pricier because of all the organic, sustainable ingredients. All that stuff makes for a good sales pitch, but in the end it comes down to taste and that’s where they fall short. I still prefer In-N-Out or even Smashburger if I’m going to get fast food.

3 Stars

5130 S Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 331-1410

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