Seems like I’ve been on a steak kick recently, which makes me realize that my stomach and wallet are inversely proportional. After visiting Gordon Ramsay and Old Homestead recently my gut has increased exponentially while my wallet is shrinking dramatically. Mastro’s, of course, had the same effect.

Our party of four dined family-style and sampled the following:

A dozen oysters (Kusshi and Bluepoint). All were delicious but, personally, I prefer the smaller Kusshi.

The ahi tuna tartare was beautifully presented in a cylindrical stack with, perhaps, too much avocado, but contained a good portion of fresh tuna and a variety of textures and flavors.

Ocean Club crab cake — there was very little filler and plenty of chunks of lump meat and seasoning in this tightly formed cake. It was accompanied by a perfectly balanced tartar sauce and plenty of microgreens.

The scallops were too rich and buttery and drowning in sauce. But, the toast was deliciously crisp and cheesy.

The 22 oz bone-in ribeye, cooked medium-rare, was tender and had a decent amount of fat, as was to be expected. A solid steak, but not as mind-blowing as the beef from the top steakhouses around town. We thought about getting a larger cut (a 36oz Australian wagyu ribeye) but this turned out to be enough for the four of us.

Also served with our steak entree was the Alaskan king crab legs. 5 large legs, slightly warm, with clarified butter and lemon. Each yielded plenty of succulent meat.

A side of the Alaskan king crab black truffle gnocchi rounded out our main course. It was dense with a rich, cheesey truffle flavor. Pieces of crab were scarce, but there were plenty of gnocchi for all to share.

We were all satisfied after that, but we couldn’t leave without trying their infamous warm butter cake. It was large enough for each of us to get a few bites. It came with a ridiculously large side of fresh whipped cream. I was expecting the cake to have a very moist texture, but instead it was a bit more firm with a slightly crispy exterior. The flavor was as sweet and buttery as you would expect. As delicious as it was, it’s not something that my arteries and heart can take too frequently.

Mastro’s is pricey, but not as pricey as other steak or seafood houses along the Strip. The atmosphere can’t compare either. It is located in the center of a shopping mall, afterall. There’s no dim, mood lighting. Just the bright florescent  lights of the mall. The tree house structure that juts out from the main dining area looked cool, so request that if you have the chance. We sat just outside of it and it had all the appeal of eating at a food court.

There was also live entertainment in the lounge area when we dined. I had to do a double-take because the girl performing looked like Aubrey O’Day. I didn’t stick around long enough to see if she had the voice or attitude to match.

I’m not sure how this Mastro’s compares to the ones in California that people rave about, but relative to Vegas steakhouses it’s a solid option. It’s a step below the top ones in town, but is great for seafood and, of course, the butter cake. They also scored some points for sending us off with a father’s day token (yup, this review is way past due… father’s day was the night we dined). It wasn’t anything too elaborate — three chocolate golf balls — but free and appreciated, nonetheless.

4 Stars

Crystals Mall, City Center
3720 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 798-7115

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